Affiliate With Us

Why should you consider partnership with Bluetree?

Everyone has their reasons for seeking a change from traditional private practice and they are slightly different for each provider based on age, goals, risk tolerance, and industry outlook. Most partnerships begin with a desire to transition out of the industry, financial diversification, additional support to capture growth opportunities, or they want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

An affiliation with Bluetree is a true partnership with providers. Bluetree is a large group practice and is majority-owned by providers. Currently, there are over 20 doctor owners and that number grows each year. The path to partnership for associates is also very structured and made as easy as possible so we have vested partners in almost every practice which helps provide confidence to you as an investor and partner.

An affiliation with Bluetree reduces risk significantly by minimizing the investment in growth, by flattening the curve required to create centralized support, by diversifying their financial assets (All provider wealth is not tied to one or two practices), and by keeping providers focused on more specific aspects of the practice by reducing administrative responsibilities (fewer distractions equals more focus and less risk).

An affiliation with Bluetree increases balance in life and business. The added support of a group does not relieve a provider of their leadership responsibilities in the practice, however, the support does allow for the providers to find more work-life balance as they integrate and embrace the services. Additional balance comes as clinical and business principles in harmony and in every situation. This harmony elevates the provider, practice, team, and practice, we call this 4 P decision making!

An affiliation with Bluetree is flexible depending on the needs of the provider. The basic structure includes four options.

  1. Full Affiliation and No Equity (The Retiring Provider) 
  2. Full Affiliation and Equity (The Producer and Investor) 
  3. Partial Affiliation or Joint Venture (The Entrepreneur) 
  4. Administrative Support Only and Partner in Growth

An Affiliation with Bluetree is participation in the future of private practice. Contact us today for more information.

Not Quite Ready to Affiliate? Not a problem!  

We love what we do and truly enjoy connecting and sharing our knowledge and experience with those seeking to find solutions for their practice.


We look forward to talking about growth opportunities with Bluetree Dental.